Corner House is in the current issue of Denmark’s Arkitekten. We are flattered by the words and honoured to be alongside such remarkable company. Thank you to Kristoffer Harlang!

The Venice Charter has since 1964 set the framework for the restoration and extension of older buildings but today you are challenged by new ways of adding to existing buildings. The English design studio 31/44 has, in 2019, built an unusually fine terrace house in Peckham (London), which like Peter Zumthor’s Kolumba in Koln from 2007 and David Chipperfield’s and Julian Harrap’s Neues Museum from 2009 can be seen as an exponent of this way of thinking. 31/44’s house in Peckham sees it as its task to intensify the street with the obvious qualities of building typology, and it creates an unusually cultured and finely calibrated architectural interpretation of the 19th century traditional English townhouse. Mass, figure, rhythm and relief are maintained in delicate textures.