1405 House with Four Courtyards

Replacing five dilapidated garages, the house nestles between a 1960s four-storey apartment block and a short terrace of two-storey houses.

The house’s massing mediates between these shifts in scale whilst its plan wraps around an existing sub-station on the site. These constraints, along with the compact site, result in a design that works hard to create an interesting, generously sized family home distinguished by the inclusion of four courtyards over its three-storeys.

Approached via a long landscaped drive, the three-bedroom house is designed to wrap around the timber-clad sub-station and recede into the surroundings.

The ground floor is a series of open living spaces with courtyards that enable the living areas to be extended in the summer, providing private yet light spaces. Above this, a small tower of rooms sits against the four-storey apartment building. Arranged on half levels to minimise its impact on the surroundings, the ‘tower’ releases space to create a rooftop terrace and a double-height living room. The rooftop terrace, partially enclosed to form a secluded outdoor room, will benefit from sunlight throughout the day and feature a built-in fireplace to cater for summer evenings and winter days.

Externally, the house extends the language of the surrounding 1960s housing. Large-scale concrete beams and panels are combined with the dark brown brick of the adjacent apartment block to create a building that sits comfortably within its surroundings, slowly revealing its modernity through precise present-day detailing.