1129 No. 22

The design of this three-bedroom house in south-east London was strictly governed by the irregularity of the site; a left over piece of flood risk land that was found by Stephen Davies of 31/44 following a thorough search for an affordable and suitable place to build his own home.

The new house fills the available space on which to build. Mandatory service access to the historic river wall becomes a riverside terrace with large picture windows. The internal layout is orientated to face south, taking advantage of the longer views, river and sun path.

The ground floor is set half a metre above the pavement level to address the risk of flooding. In order to maintain the street line and building height of the adjoining Victorian terrace, the floor to ceiling heights are minimised at each level in order to allow a stepped back second floor volume. Space is returned to the dwelling in the form of a double height space, an open tread staircase, gallery space and a second floor terrace where the building mass is recessed.

Whilst being unconventional, the 98 square metres of internal floor area and 34 square metres of private external space are compliant and respectful, creating a contemporary urban dwelling in this most typical London street.

The project was completed in 2011 and was featured in the Guardian.