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New site.

It’s a moving target.

Looking Up Image

Looking Up

We were at the @RIBA party last night held @SerpentineUK to celebrate all 49 @RIBA National Award winners. (No. 49 has one!)

Red House Image

Red House

It’s a bit less red on the inside.

Columns by Nash & Lasdun Image

Columns by Nash & Lasdun

Enjoyable choice of meeting venue this morning. Lasdun’s Royal College of Physicians, 1964, looking across to St Andrew’s Place, John Nash, 1823.

Red House Image

Red House

Red House is in this week’s @ArchitectsJrnal and online. Thanks to Jay Merrick for such an entertaining write-up. Axo!

40 Years Old Image

40 Years Old

Still got it, hey Georges? (31/44 were briefly in 33.)

Losers 03 Image

Losers 03

The Studios would expand creating a new fragment of city at the scale of infrastructure, stretching towards the river and a new city park…

Losers 02 Image

Losers 02

The market would support the creative studios centred around a Kunsthal.

Losers 01 Image

Losers 01

We didn’t get anywhere with our entry for the LFA Silvertown Flyover competition but we enjoyed having a go. We proposed a new fragment of city that would begin with a new creative market for East London.

CASS Summer Show 02 Image

CASS Summer Show 02

A couple of our highlights: Park and Pavilion – model housing for London founded on a relationship with public space and quality. Lead by Peter St John.

CASS Summer Show 01 Image

CASS Summer Show 01

A couple of our highlights: The Deep Block – housing and living by Mae architects. (With this view it would be hard not to design a deep block).

No.49: 1 of 49 no. Image

No.49: 1 of 49 no.

We are honoured to announce that No.49 is one of 49 projects to receive a @RIBA National Award, climbing up one more rung of the RIBA Awards ladder. Read the citation here.

Brutiful Image


Concrete five ways (at least), Minories Car Park, City of London Architects Dept, 1969

A Moving Day Image

A Moving Day

Purchasers of Red House arrive soon. We’ve been on-site trying to get everything as sharp as possible.

Client: We’d like a big gable Image

Client: We’d like a big gable

So would we. Development sketch for a house in Oregon, USA. #3144 #sketch #modernhouse

Left on the shelf Image

Left on the shelf

This one’s not happening, but the design process informed a number of other projects. #itsbehindme #shelved #3144 #practiceasresearch #model

Settling an agricultural landscape Image

Settling an agricultural landscape

The transformation of the external space is given equal weight to the buildings.

Invited Competition Image

Invited Competition

Proposal to convert a series of remarkable barns into a family dwelling. We’re collaging buildings (as well as images) to explore the potential atmosphere.

Down on the farm Image

Down on the farm

First model for a project to convert a grain storage shed in Norfolk into a large house.

RIBA London Small Project of the Year Image

RIBA London Small Project of the Year

The @riba judges said: “Details have been meticulously considered… and the execution is near-perfect”.  Just near, we’ll try harder next time. #MustTryHarder

Supermodels Image


Excellent exhibition at the AA of models by OFFICE KGDVS.

Fragments Image


Flo is producing balsa model components with the care of a cabinetmaker. Making takes time.

Corner Life Image

Corner Life

Redchurch Corner: refurbished mixed-use building. Coffee in the sun? #avoidingworkonamondaymorning  

Model Behaviour Image

Model Behaviour

Making a house at 1:20 to help get it right at 1:1

Face, Lift Image

Face, Lift

Two new floors and an elevational refurb for a building in East London

Studious Image


@kate_nicklin is mid-way through a precedent study with students from @wsofarchi They have been drawing, modelling and printmaking with @ThePrintHaus  Lucky students we say.

Yellow House Image

Yellow House

All Saints Street, Hastings. Suddenly, our favourite street.

Red House Image

Red House

We have received shots of the completed house, thanks @arorygardiner !

Seaside Architecture 02 Image

Seaside Architecture 02

Hastings, East Sussex. #someofthebestdesignisnodesign

Seaside Architecture 01 Image

Seaside Architecture 01

Hastings, East Sussex. #youcouldntmakethisup

Wouldn’t Image


Wood masquerading as stone. Whitechapel, London.

Trail of Destruction Image

Trail of Destruction

Kate has been teaching @WSofArchi  She spotted this as she was leaving. Stop the demolition, just add curtain walling. #lessdemolition #morereuse

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