Whitstable: development sketch Image

Whitstable: development sketch

We have developed a cast concrete tile for use on our project with Whitstable Approaches. The pattern is based upon the silhouette of the historic oyster fleet of Whitstable Yawls.

The Deep City Image

The Deep City

Lars Schriever, one of our students @ku_archland has left to return home to Zurich. He leaves behind a good project – a Construction Trades School in Whitechapel.

It’s not just buildings Image

It’s not just buildings

The Good Ship 31/44 is taking shape. It’s currently hiding out in a London dock but will be available soon…

Lost to the wilderness Image

Lost to the wilderness

Model of a house for an Arts & Crafts suburb. Form, detail and materials respond to the street and neighbouring houses. #onethatgotaway

London Language Image

London Language

Public House, E1, London

Model, 1:20 Image

Model, 1:20

Our students @ku_archland have been testing their projects at 1:250 and 1:20. Interior model of pottery studio by Cat de Abreu.  

Model, 1:250 Image

Model, 1:250

Our students @ku_archland have been testing their projects at 1:250 and 1:20. Testing neighbourly behaviour – models by Louis Smallwood & Hugo Rowland.

House Tour Image

House Tour

Take an interactive tour of Park House now that @piashouse are all settled in, courtesy of Wallpaper*

2D to 3D Image

2D to 3D

Our students @ku_archland have been exploding Pieter de Hooch paintings into 3D models, exploring depth and developing an understanding between cause and effect. 1:20 model by Oli, Gyorgi and Enoch.

2018 for 31/44 Image

2018 for 31/44

On site this year, a house in Oregon, USA. Working with the language of the American timber frame to create a family home on a steep, wooded site.

2018 for 31/44 Image

2018 for 31/44

On site this year, an end of terrace house in London.

2018 for 31/44 Image

2018 for 31/44

On site this year, Four Columns, London. A collection of four houses around a shared yard.

Skogskyrkogården Image


Lewerentz’s Almhöjden from Asplund’s Woodland Crematorium, Stockholm, Winter 2017. WB.

When in Berlin Image

When in Berlin

A long overdue visit to the Neues Museum. Old by Stüler, Neues by David Chipperfield.

When in Berlin Image

When in Berlin

Last week we were in Berlin for AREA with the @ArchReview and WAF. We had a lesson in how to turn corners courtesy of Schinkel and Chipperfield.

The Architectural Review Image

The Architectural Review

Red House is shortlisted for the 2017 AR Emerging Architecture Prize and it’s in the @ArchReview !

Teaching Practice: The Deep City Image

Teaching Practice: The Deep City

Models of deep (perforate) blocks in London, Amsterdam and Ghent made by our students @KU_Arch_Land   

Timber…! Image


Model study for a house in Oregon, USA. A lot of timber, a few bricks and just a tiny bit of concrete (we couldn’t help it).

Quiet neighbours Image

Quiet neighbours

Well mannered neighbour for a street in south London. #nofussornothing

Work in progress (/it’s changed already…) Image

Work in progress (/it’s changed already…)

Facade study: mortar slurried brick, concrete and terrazzo

AR Emerging Architecture 2017 Image

AR Emerging Architecture 2017

We are excited, shocked and humbled that Red House has been shortlisted as one of 15 global projects for the @ArchReview 2017 Emerging Architecture Award.  #didntseethatcoming

Research Image


We are researching Ghent for our autumn study trip with our students and studio team. Looking forward to seeing LOD Ballet Production Studios by deVVT.

Rewarding Image


No.49 getting its medals on. #leftabitdownabit Photo by @ournewhouse

The Deep City Image

The Deep City

We’ve had our heads down preparing our teaching studio @KU_Arch_Land Our teaching is going to be closely aligned with our working practise and recurring themes. We’re looking forward to getting started. #preachwhatyoupractise  

Digging a hole for ourselves Image

Digging a hole for ourselves

Is there such a thing as a bottoming-out ceremony? Excavation complete for Redchurch & Whitby. #downdowndeeperanddown

Poolside Image


Working process: model for a barn conversion in East Anglia.

Park House Garden Image

Park House Garden

Earlier this week we visited the new residents of Park House to see how they were all settling in. The planting is beginning to feel like a real garden.

Work in Progress Image

Work in Progress

Small model of a (quite) large house in Oregon.

Making an entrance Image

Making an entrance

In progress: model of a barn conversion, Norfolk. OK, we need a door.

Everything all at once. Image

Everything all at once.

We’ve been assembling some unedited sketchbook pages to describe our design process for a possible publication. This one’s for our students @KU_Arch_Land #practicewhatwepreach

Good Neighbours Image

Good Neighbours

We’re on @Arch_Today , honoured to be snuggled between Sir David Chipperfield, BIG and Farshid Moussavi.

Diamond in the rough Image

Diamond in the rough

Model of a faceted house in an Arts and Crafts suburb that twists in response to the street and its neighbours.  #yeahIknowweneedtotidyup

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