Fragments Image


Flo is producing balsa model components with the care of a cabinetmaker. Making takes time.

Corner Life Image

Corner Life

Redchurch Corner: refurbished mixed-use building. Coffee in the sun? #avoidingworkonamondaymorning 

Model Behaviour Image

Model Behaviour

Making a house at 1:20 to help get it right at 1:1

Face, Lift Image

Face, Lift

Two new floors and an elevational refurb for a building in East London

Studious Image


@kate_nicklin is mid-way through a precedent study with students from @wsofarchi They have been drawing, modelling and printmaking with @ThePrintHaus  Lucky students we say.

Yellow House Image

Yellow House

All Saints Street, Hastings. Suddenly, our favourite street.

Red House Image

Red House

We have received shots of the completed house, thanks @arorygardiner !

Seaside Architecture 02 Image

Seaside Architecture 02

Hastings, East Sussex. #someofthebestdesignisnodesign

Seaside Architecture 01 Image

Seaside Architecture 01

Hastings, East Sussex. #youcouldntmakethisup

Wouldn’t Image


Wood masquerading as stone. Whitechapel, London.

Trail of Destruction Image

Trail of Destruction

Kate has been teaching @WSofArchi  She spotted this as she was leaving. Stop the demolition, just add curtain walling. #lessdemolition #morereuse

House for the Suburbs Image

House for the Suburbs

A new house for an Arts & Crafts suburb. Drawing of proposal and neighbouring typologies.

Working Drawings Image

Working Drawings

Precast or in-situ? Developing the detail for Four Column Houses

Tile Shop Image

Tile Shop

Tiled shop interior, Farringdon, London

Suburb Image


Familiar but eccentric: a house of brick, timber and gables for a London suburb.

Final Review: Proposal Image

Final Review: Proposal

Final reviews for our undergraduate studio @KU_Arch_Land with @a_zambelli  Site drawing and proposal by Cat de Abreu.

Final Review: Site Image

Final Review: Site

Final reviews for our undergraduate studio @KU_Arch_Land with @a_zambelli  Site drawing and proposal by Cat de Abreu.

Bank ‘Holiday’ 01 Image

Bank ‘Holiday’ 01

Given some time off, architects just visit more buildings. This one: Newport Street Gallery, Vauxhall. Caruso St John, 2016.

Bank ‘Holiday’ 02 Image

Bank ‘Holiday’ 02

And this one: Cabinet Gallery, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Trevor Horne, 2016. 

Red House For Sale Image

Red House For Sale

A new (quite red) house is now on the market with The Modern House.

Battersea Park Cafe Image

Battersea Park Cafe

Our friends have sent us a couple of photos of the refurb we helped them with.

Timber! Image


We have just returned from Oregon. We took a trip to see a new site for a new family home. There will be wood, lots of wood.

Near Mies Image

Near Mies

We went to see Circling the Square @riba : a behind the scenes look at Mies van der Rohe’s slice of Park Avenue intended for The City.

Well Red Image

Well Red

We are participating in a short discussion at Red House next Tuesday. There will be Red Brick Rye Beer from Peckham to keep up the theme.

RIBA Awards Image

RIBA Awards

No. 49 has been shortlisted for a RIBA London Region Award #behindthescenes #theclientlikestoclean #withprecision

RIBA Awards Image

RIBA Awards

Park House has been shortlisted for an RIBA London Region Award

Test Image


Study for an apartment building considering proportion, material and colour.

(A)typical Image


Proposal for a quiet house in a typical London street.

Not cast in stone Image

Not cast in stone

Process – 1:2 plaster test panels for #fourbays with @Whitstable_Ap  Pattern abstracted from the #whitstable yawl oyster fleet

The end is nigh Image

The end is nigh

Final snagging at Red House.

Workshop House Image

Workshop House

Working model for a house in south London.

Lent Image


We’ve decided to give up concrete columns for lent. Hopefully, by Easter Sunday, we’ll be starting drawings to get these ones on site before the end of 2017.

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